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Hana Residence Sogang University

If you are looking for a Goshitel or Goshiwon room near Sogang university or Daeheung station, you are in the right place

We are ready to offer you a most comfortable room under your budget

Facilities in the room

Basic Installation Items :

  • Desk, chair, wardrobe, bed
  • TV set
  • Individual high-speed internet access with free Wi-Fi
  • Airconditioner
  • Bathroom (shower & toilet)
  • Extinguisher

Facilities in the common place

Safety and firefighting facilities

  • Extinguisher
  • Door key
  • CCTV 24-hour recording system
  • Sprinkler, Portable lighting, Emergency bell, Induction light

Kitchen facilities

  • Steamed rice, ramen, kimchi, coffee etc.
  • Detergent
  • Electric rice cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator,  iron, toaster etc.

Other facilities

  • Washing machine
  • Cold & Hot water purifier


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