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The main program of Sogang University Korean Language Education Center focuses on improving the ability to communicate.

It consists of 4 hours of classes between 9am and 1pm: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

KGP(Korean for General Purpose)200

Course 200 : Korean for general purposes (20 hours a week, totaling 200 hours)

sogang KLEC

* Sogang Korean Language Education Center provides group health insurance to students for free.
* Students who register for KLEC programs do not have to buy insurance in home country separately.


Sogang KLEC classes are student-centered and focus on speaking, featuring a variety of communicative activities to improve speaking abilities.

Students are able to improve their ability to speak quickly by learning vocabulary and phrases used in daily life while engaging in very realistic activities.

Korean speaking, listening, reading, and writing are all included in the course.

With three teachers for each level, classes remain interesting and engaging.

This course is offered in tandem with a culture class, which is effective in helping students gain a deeper understanding of Korean.

Yearly Program Schedule

2018(10 weeks per session/4 sessions per year)

2019(10 weeks per session/4 sessions per year)